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Specialty Industrial Fasteners

Specialty fasteners are specifically manufactured fasters designed for a certain application or project. DW Fastener is ready to fulfill low-volume and bulk orders of specialty fasteners including socket head cap screws, hex head cap screws and application-specific fasteners. Our Specialty fasteners can be built in multiple grades and can be paired with aligning orders of nuts, bolts and hardware products. Fastener customization options include project-specific dimensions, strength requirements and more.

At DW Fastener, we have a knowledgeable staff ready to collaborate with you and answer questions on our quality line of industrial products to ensure that you get the specialty fasteners you need. By utilizing our trusted material suppliers, on-site managed inventory services and state-of-the-art warehouse capabilities, we can supply you with higher-grade products at faster delivery times than our competitors.

Contact a DW Fastener expert today and let us source the specialty fasteners for your application requirements.

Popular Specialty Fastener Styles

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