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Industrial Grade Inserts & HeliCoils

Inserts & HeliCoils are coiled-wire threaded coils that create internal screw threads for fasteners. These wire inserts prevent screws from loosening due to vibration and reduce wear and tear on your corresponding fasteners. DW Fastener is ready to ship on our full selection of metric and imperial inserts and HeliCoils. Our steel and stainless-steel alloy inserts & HeliCoils are designed to hold up to demanding applications, and we source our products from industry leading vendors such as EZ Lok™ to for improved quality and reliability. We also offer threaded insert repair kits for an easy-to store solution to insert & HeliCoil installation.

At DW Fastener, we have a knowledgeable staff ready to work with you and answer questions on our quality line of industrial products to ensure that you get the inserts & HeliCoils you need. By utilizing our trusted material suppliers, on-site managed inventory services and state-of-the-art warehouse capabilities, we are able to supply you with higher-grade products at faster delivery times than our competitors.

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Advantages of DW Fastener Inserts & HeliCoils

In addition to the standard insert & Helicoil product offering, DW Fastener offers custom packaging for improved product quality for your mission-critical applications. We also offer custom packaging services for high-volume orders, so your materials will not dry out during shipping. While sitting on your shelf.  Additional benefits include:
  • Imperial & Metric Sizes
  • Large Thread and Pitch Size Range
  • Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Alloys
  • Easy-to-Install Self-Tapping Designs

Industrial Insert & HeliCoil Applications

Helicoils are ideal for repairing or reinforcing existing tapped holes for a variety of applications. Some frequent uses of HeliCoils are cross threading spark plugs and reducing vibration in delicate machinery such as gear housings. HeliCoil screws can create load-bearing joints, repair stripped threads without losing torque and expand the lifespan of your existing installation hole. DW Fastener is stocked on threaded inserts to repair or replace worn-out threads in metal, wood and plastic systems. These durable threads allow you to save on costly repairs and are easy to install. Our selection of repair kits also allows you to repair multiple damaged thread with a single kit.

Insert & HeliCoil Industry Uses

Inserts & Helicoils provide a much stronger bond between surfaces than can be achieved by standard drilling. These inserts can be cut to various thread lengths and additional design specifications. HeliCoil designs vary between tanged free-running coils, tang-free free-running coils, tanged screw lock coils and tang-free screw lock coils depending on the specific application. Common industrial uses include manufacturing, aerospace, medical devices, automotive repair and manufactu